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Love the idea. I'm really sensitive to cold weather. So I exercise in doors. I just started working out on the Kinect 2 days ago and I'm enjoying it. I have a treadmill but am to afraid to use it while Hope is awake( the whole fingers in the wrong places- scares me).
Hoping for warm weather so I can do the out doors again.


Let me just tell you - I am LOVING your blog! I am so happy that I found it. You inspire me! I love reading about all of your fun ideas, it's obvious what a wonderful mom you are to your kids! I absolutely loved that luau idea, and your table setting was amazing if you ask me. Also, your new table and chairs are so much fun! What a fun new addition to your house.

Dan and I have been trying to get more active lately, but the snow and cold makes it so much harder! I have made it a goal of mine to get better at running this year. It is seriously a challenge for me!! I'm hoping that if I just do it more, it will {hopefully} get a little easier so that I can enjoy it more! Thanks for the motivation!


Hi Darci! Aloha Friday :)
Just start...I will. I walk 'round our neighborhood when I feel like it, which, btw, is not often. I will just start to walk at least 4 times a week and on the off days I will exercise, like you said, 5 minutes...or 10 minutes. Thanks for the motivation! I will just start. I actually can't wait. :)
Have an awesome weekend.


great idea.. new subscriber here!


great idea! my new year's resolution is to run a 5K. I'm on week 5 of the Couch 2 5K program. Never thought I'd be a runner before this!!

Tracy Marie

LOvin' your idea - especially just starting and especially starting it TODAY! Here's to a Happy 5k Friday today and many, many more to come!


Love it! Although I may not start until next Friday. At least the outside part -- it's cold today!

sara davis

Loving it! thanks for the motivation :) you're the best!

Brandi Christiansen

Darci - I came across your blog through your sisters that I have followed through the scrapbooking stuff....and realized I remember you! I went to school with your husband and I even was at your wedding reception. I also was a friend of Mason. I just thought it was a small world, and would say! Your blog is really fun and I enjoy it!

Brandi Christiansen

Oops....meant to say Hi!

Lynn Mercurio

WHAT? You mean that to blog you have to be an expert at something? Someone should have told me...I've been blogging for nearly 5 years and I'm not an expert at anything. HA!

Congratulations on this endeavor.


I'm in!! Already walked 3.1 today. Yay me!!


OH I love this challenge. :) I'm game!


wonderful idea!


I love this idea, needed the inspiration today and will be subscribing to your blog.


Love this 5K Friday thing. I am currently doing a 6 week + challenge so this will fit right in. I did my 5K + today on an exercise bike. I am over here from Stacy's blog. I have loved her blog for many years.

Aimee B. in Oregon

sounds great!


Two weeks ago, I started a 12 week program with a trainer. In my first week, every effort I made to get to the gym was twarted (including my sesion with the trainer, who called in sick that day!). My second week (this week) while visiting my parents for a long weekend, we got snowed in and were stuck for the week. UGH!

So, Sunday I start again...12 weeks...focus, commit, ACTIVATE!


The other night, after a frustrating day of dealing with the school district and the scout office I thought to myself "oh yeah, this is why I ran--to deal with all the stress in my life"
As we get closer to spring I am getting closer to being more active, but unlike years past, I don't want to be active to be part of a 'group' or to run races (i'm not fast)--I want to be active for my own happiness.
Thanks for the inspiration.


I'm getting active by working out to biggest loser dvd's in the evening after dinner. I started about a month ago. I like the way I feel after I work out but the energy level after a long day of work, seeing how my 4 kids days went, making dinner, homework,etc... is very low... I'm trying to keep it up but its not easy. But now that I have you to help me stay motivated hopefully I will stick to it. Evenually, once the weather starts to get warmer the kids and I will get outside. I can't wait.


Great idea! I'm *supposed* to be training for a 10k in June (Camp Pendleton Mud Run in SoCal) and I'm thinking of doing the San Diego half marathon the weekend before because it benefits the Leukemia Society and my nephew was just diagnosed. Now, all I have to do is actually START! This is great motivation, I love the idea!

Angie Snead

What a awesome challenge! Last year, I joined a Women Can Run Clinic and started running 5k's and then by Nov a 10k, Feb 15K and March I did my first half marathon!

Live life, run longer!

Crystal McCormick

Love, love, love it! I've never really been consistent with being active and because of that I'm 80 lb. from my goal weight. Something about your challenge lit a fire under my butt, and as you said, I'm just going to start! Thank you for the inspiration!


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